Architecture and project management: Better by professionals

Shops, restaurants, hotels, bars and offices

Planning a shop, restaurant or office involves different requirements. However, some things are always the same: We build with people and for people. This is why we run our business on a partnership basis — characterised by mutual trust and nurtured by reliability and loyalty. We ensure your success through solutions that fulfil all modern requirements for sustainability and efficiency. For us, your budget plays an important role.

Contact us for our support as early as possible. Our work already starts before the first visit to your new property or during the initial planning concept, providing you with a valuable basis for your decisions. We look forward to hearing from you by e-mail or simply call us.

ms Project Consult stands for:

  • Transparent budgets, structures and realisation
  • Tried and tested, international network
  • A designated contact partner
  • Flat hierarchies = flexible solutions
  • Firm promises

Are you planning a project? Then contact us as soon as possible, because our services start before the first site visit. Send us an e-mail to

Restaurant, hotel and bar architecture

Modern restaurant equipment requires maximum performance from the entire team. Occupational safety, hygiene, efficiency and future-proof concepts play a major role. These might not be visible to your guests, but you and your team know when things have not been planned correctly and realised with attention to detail. We plan and monitor each working step with the greatest care and diligence.

In addition, whatever your guests can see, we design professionally and with substantial creativity. Lighting, design, colours and shapes — the overall experience and atmosphere — this all contributes to the success of your project. Our restaurant outfitting service provides the best basis for impressing your guests. Everyday and always with renewed enthusiasm.

Your advantages:

  • Detailed, well-conceived planning
  • Focused, solution-orientated working methods
  • Completion on the agreed date, or earlier

Our services:

  • All formats such as steakhouse, casual dining, take-away…
  • Nationally and internationally (English: business fluent)
  • Location development/site development
  • Project planning and project management
  • Design planning and technical planning
  • Negotiations with other partners such as landlords or developers
  • Kitchen planning and building services planning — technical building equipment
  • Compliance with all current laws and regulations
  • Coordination of all works and partners

If you have any questions, project ideas or any other enquiries, please phone or write. We look forward to hearing from you and your ideas.

Store planning from shop to flagship store

On the one hand, online trading is growing from year to year and many classic businesses in numerous inner cities are closing. On the other hand, customers still enjoy the real experience of shopping. It is therefore now precisely the right time for fresh concepts, new ideas and the courage to tread new paths. Let us show you what is possible. The option of using online trading for your business is just one of numerous possible opportunities.

Shop with appeal: Sales promoting shop outfitting service
Whether bakery, boutique or chain store — we provide a shop outfitting service to suit your specific target groups. Materials, colours, shapes, sounds and fragrances ― our concepts are aimed at all the senses and we can provide the entire repertoire when it comes to permanently increasing your turnover. Whether in store, in shop, in outlet or in shop-in-shop systems. We also provide support for national and international rollouts as well as the design and realisation of one-offs and showrooms.

Your advantages:

  • Modern concepts
  • High-quality presentation of your merchandise and services
  • Completion on the agreed date, or earlier

Our services:

  • Design planning and technical planning
  • Stores, shops, outlets, shop-in-shop systems
  • National and international rollouts
  • One-offs and showrooms
  • For all sectors
  • Creative and at the same time solid solutions

Office architecture and interiors

The success and efficiency of human labour is closely connected with the working environment. With our office outfitting service, we create a working atmosphere that will motivate your employees to maximise their performance.
Whether lighting concept, fire protection, non-toxic materials, special requirements for ergonomics, safety or technology integration ― we plan and realise. Reliably, efficiently and on budget. Contact us. We look forward to working successfully together with you!

Your advantages:

  • A designated contact partner
  • Efficient solutions for efficient working
  • Completion on the agreed date, or earlier

Our services:

  • Planning and design of offices of any size
  • Design planning and technical planning
  • Coordination of all works and partners
  • Compliance with all laws and regulations such as fire protection, occupational safety, use of non-toxic substances
  • From classic to ultra-modern with the wow factor
  • For banks, call centres, open-plan offices, office and conference centres, etc.